(From left to right, TOM I, TOM II,TOM III and TOM IV)
Affiliations: SARA
Profession: Host of Toonami
Hosting Period: July 10, 1999 - September 20, 2008, May 26, 2012 - present
Voice: Sonny Strait (1999-2000)
Steven Blum (2000-present)

TOM's tenure as the host of Toonami has been the longest on record. He has undergone four different incarnations in his nearly eight years at the helm of the block. He has become the face of Toonami. Short for Toonami Operations Module, TOM is the custodian of the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution. He became the custodian after Moltar saw TOM's heroic actions in the Intruder online comic. TOM's primary responsibilities include ensuring the ship is properly maintained as well as broadcasting the Toonami signal to the world.He was also joined by an AI companion known as SARA in his 1st through third incarnations.In the last two years on the block TOM got redesigned to a smaller body with facial features.The new redesigned TOM, instead of of being on the Absolution, was joined by two other robots,Flash and D, on a jungle like planet.Two years after Toonami was originally cancelled, Cartoon Network brought back TOM as a character in the MMORPG FusionFall.A newer incarnation of TOM,an updated TOM 3 model,appears on the revived Toonami block.