Powerhouse Look

Powerhouse Look

Powerhouse Era Bumpers


A powerhouse bumper with 2 Stupid Dogs in it.

The Powerhouse look was the second Cartoon Network look (created by Primal Screen). It began on July 16, 1997. It ended on June 13, 2004, the day before Cartoon Network relaunched. The last program to air under the Powerhouse look on that day was Justice League. One day later, the CN City look and the second logo began. This package is named after the Raymond Scott composition, "Powerhouse", which was the musical theme for most bumpers and graphical elements of that period.

Cartoon Network Asia and Australia channels is the last channel using this look launched there on August 22, 1999 and until September 30, 2005.

There is a European version of the Powerhouse look used in Europe from 1999 to 2001.

Cartoon Network Latin America was the second last channel using this look, launched there on 1999 and used until January 1st, 2005, at midnight.

The Powerhouse look ended in Latin America on December 31, 2004 at 11:59pm.

Powerhouse is believed to be the best look out of all the others due to its creativity and very long lifespan over a hundred bumpers.