so you go to providence HQ and now rex is testing the new nanite tech and the teleporter sends mordecai and rigby back to the park finn and jake back to the land of ooo mac and bloo back to fosters home dexter back to genius grove blossom bubbles and buttercup back to townsville bugs bunny back to the rabbit hole scooby back to the haunted house johnny bravo back to the beach jack back to akus lair fred back to bedrock george back to the future chowder shnitzel and mung back to mung daals catering company flapjack and knuckles back to stormalong harbor alfe roba and horace back to pixel city gumball and darwin back to the town of elmore and ben gwen and kevin back to the null void but then on the super computer they find more worlds so now you can do some missions or read the cartoon network adventure 2 (interactive)